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Robert "Scobleizer" Scoble exclusively for OnTheRoad: "How people learn about your Start Up? You have to come down here"

We had a chance to interview Robert Scoble (http://scobleizer.com/ or http://twitter.com/scobleizer) on what should non-USA start up do to enter USA market. Also, we asked him if he knows Czech Republic and if he has ever been there. He answered no and we believe this gives us great opportunity to invite him to the Czech Republic!

Couple of important points:

- Come down here – do not send emails: nobody reads emails so it’s really important to show up at the conferences or social events

- Understand the market: first you have to learn the customers at the target market and really meet their needs

- Build a marketing team: if possible (you have resources) try to build a marketing team on the your target market. You need to be close to your customers.

- Create buzz: before entering a specific market try to create a lot of buzz (Twitter, Facebook, …) about your product. You can bet they know about you by when you are entering the market.

Enjoy the video, available on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmKiXlc_Ao8

PS: Robert really liked OnTheRoad.to business cards - half iPhone, half Android:)


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