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techcrunch50 sent only position

techcrunch50 sent only position

techcrunch50 sent only position

techcrunch50 sent only position

techcrunch50 sent only position

techcrunch50 sent only position

See our sharp pitch online at thenextweb.com!

"OnTheRoad is an awsome travel blog service" wrote Zee from the TheNextWeb.com. See the whole article on our pitch on a video online at: http://thenextweb.com/2009/09/16/ontheroad-awesome-travel-blog-service/#more-26275 Get us some feedback, how do you like the presentation.

Mr. @arrington just notified the winning DemoPit company!

The winning DemoPit is Chyngle. They will present online soon, check the video at #tc50 website!

@parislemon at our DemoPit table!

MG Siegler just stopped by at our table. We showed him our demo and he liked it! Yeah. And so I asked him: "So what is Parislemon?" :-) Other than this exciting moment, DemoPit day is going very well. The event gets much more crowded than yesterday. We got some very good feedback and contacts. Priceless is also the pit ...

iate.com: We know where you ate and if you liked it!

Story There is a new service for the food lovers - www.iate.com - the helps you to find review for the restaurants. The concept is brand new - you are not supposed to enter any review into the system yourself - they just take from the Internet - Twitter is the leading provider. However this is limitation for Intern ...

Robert "Scobleizer" Scoble exclusively for OnTheRoad: "How people learn about your Start Up? You have to come down here"

We had a chance to interview Robert Scoble (http://scobleizer.com/ or http://twitter.com/scobleizer) on what should non-USA start up do to enter USA market. Also, we asked him if he knows Czech Republic and if he has ever been there. He answered no and we believe this gives us great opportunity to invite him to the C ...

Presenting and demoing at Techcrunch50: Would you invest in my project?

Always wondered how your elevator pitch or five minutes of fame can look like? There is nothing more important than a good preparation. Your opening sentences, your opening video, your attitude. We have seen many various ones today and the start ups that were well prepared had definitely better starting position - be ...

7ages: Create ultimate record of your life

Story Always wanted to see your life time line – what have you been doing, saying or thinking about 10 years ago? Well, now you can and you don’t have to stop using your Facebook, Twitter or any other platform you like! 7ages.com brings in the concept of visualization of your life time. Your pictures, stories, no ...

CubeTree.com: Do enterprises need Facebook?

Story: At another booth we saw Facebook-like interface and was wondering what's going on here? Who would go against Facebook? Well, there are some people. The concept is to "Let people play in Facebook-like environment" and get the work done too". So imagine in this tool you can do everything you are used to do i ...

eCycler: There is some money in trash (and it's recycling)

Story: Here we are at the TechCrunch 50 and everything is so social, cloudy or in app store. Now I looked at a small booth with two nice guys and their product - full bag of trash. I was very curious what’s going on here. After few minutes I got the idea - there is so much trash in the world and we can monetize i ...

Pause between the two first sessions

Guess who made the presentation of the start-ups logos? Looks like Animoto to me.

Session 1: Youth and Games - Toons Tunes

www.toonstunes.com The only virtual world for kids that combines social community with the ability to create and share music and enjoy music made by others. See the short video. "Making music on Toonstunes is fun!" Presentation was very cool. The judge loved it and is very impressed. Moderator: " Would you consider in ...

Browsing the DemoPit

It's getting crowded. "Problemator" - share problems related to organizations, product, persons... Hmm, got a problem? Post it here. (Not impressed.) On the other hand, iAte will tell you, where are people eating on Twitter. If you are a foodie, you are gonna love it.

TechCrunch50 in three days!

Looks like the event sells out! http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/09/11/ techcrunch50-sells-out-see-you-all-on-monday/ TechCrunch50 office is buzzing! The same OnTheRoad office. Just finishing up and leaving tomorrow morning to San Francisco! You will find the latest news from the event right here, starting Monday ...

THE IT event of the year. Take a sneak peak.